Concept Execution

Move your products from concept to final design with confidence. When you need to realize how a design will look and feel, rapid prototyping can help you quickly and economically evaluate top product designs. Battelle’s designers, engineers and material scientists can help ensure your product meets use, manufacturing and storage requirements.     

Bringing Designs to Life 

During our concept execution phase, we translate your design concepts into physical appearance models, from preliminary mock-ups to high-fidelity engineering prototypes.

We leverage these prototypes to: 

  • Realize design concepts and incorporate changes quickly to evaluate the safety and usability of product designs to reduce risks and liabilities
  • Recommend design and interface improvements to improve the safety and usability of your final product  
  • Assess and select materials based on use and storage requirements
  • Design your product for seamless transition to final manufacturing



Our Concept Execution Services

  • Photo-Realistic Rendering
  • CAD Design
  • Breadboards
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • CNC Capabilities
  • Thermoforming System

  • Early Feasibility Models
  • Fit and Finish before Production
  • Clinical Trial Units
  • Custom Assembly & Test Fixtures
  • Appearance & Usability Models

Leveraging 3D Printing Technology Throughout Development

At Battelle, 3D printing is leveraged throughout the development process to improve the safety, usability, and competitiveness of your products while avoiding costly design missteps.  

Man in lab coat testing medical device

Proof of Concept

Provides opportunity to quickly experience and evaluate early feasibility designs.

prototype of medical device

Fit & Finish Models

Allow users to visualize concept designs in dimensional form.

researcher reviewing a prototype

Usability Models

Created iteratively for user research before locking down the final design.

rapid prototyping machine

Fixtures & Prototypes

Support evaluation and testing, including verification and validation.