What We Do

Battelle’s Human Centric Design (HCD) team brings together designers, cognitive psychologists, scientists and engineers to design medical devices and health products that focus on human needs, capabilities and uses in the real world.

Our diverse team designs and develops medical devices and products with human needs and capabilities in mind. We have unmatched resources across a broad range of scientific, engineering and technical disciplines. That gives us the ability to solve difficult problems and unique challenges beyond the reach of most contract research organizations.

We offer comprehensive human-centered design services across every stage of product development. No matter where you are in your design and development cycle, our team will act as a trusted collaborator to help you make your products more competitive and prepare for regulatory submission. Integrating HCD early in the discovery and design process will result in the greatest impact on "humanizing" your product.

Integrating HCD Into Your Design and Development Process

HCD can help you:

  • Improve user satisfaction, acceptance and adherence
  • Decrease support and training needs
  • Reduce the risk of use errors and product recalls
  • Increase your return on investment. Every dollar invested in HCD brings between 2 and 100 dollars in return.

    designer drawing a medical device

    At Battelle, you’ll find:

    • Subject matter experts in human factors, scientific and engineering disciplines to help you solve difficult development challenges
    • Specialized facilities for user research and testing of medical and health products in simulated clinical or home environments
    • Technical resources to accelerate development timelines and navigate human factors regulatory considerations