Balancing the Needs of Users and Technology

Human centric design is an approach to product development that puts user needs, desires and abilities at the center of the development process. It means making design decisions based on how people can, need and want to perform tasks, rather than expecting users to adjust and accommodate their behaviors to the product.

Battelle balances this human centered design approach by building in empathy for the user, which gives us unique insights into how users interact with products in their environments, as well as meeting their explicit and implicit needs and expectations. This approach is backed up with rigorous testing and engineering to develop products that meet user requirements and business objectives.

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Case Studies

Here are just some of the amazing solutions our creative and research teams have come up with to address our clients' most difficult challenges. We value the confidentiality of our clients and their proprietary information, so we purposefully keep our case studies concise and scrubbed of client-specific details.