Concept Development

Don't let guesswork or pure aesthetics drive your product design. Take a scientific approach, with concept development expertise from Battelle. Creating products that make a difference in people's lives is our passion. That's why our approach is centered on the needs of your end user. Our design process is grounded in understanding the tasks they are trying to perform and finding solutions that help them do it better.

We can help you:

  • Accelerate the design process for new products
  • Address usability, safety or user acceptance challenges for your existing products
  • Make new feature decisions for your next-generation products
  • Assess the feasibility and usability of potential designs before progressing to development

Translating Insights into Design

Concept development is the process of translating user needs and expectations into product designs and specifications. We use evidence-based methods to provide clear, unambiguous answers to complex product development decisions so you can move forward with confidence. By integrating human centric design principles into the early development process, you can streamline development timelines, increase the safety and usability of your products, and avoid costly mistakes that lead to regulatory delays or product recalls. 

Battelle brings together unmatched subject matter expertise in human factors, industrial design and a wide range of science and engineering disciplines to develop design ideas that are technically and economically feasible and targeted to the needs of your end user. We have particular expertise in medical device design, but our experience spans consumer, industrial and military products.

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A Balanced Approach to Product Design

End user needs, defined during the research phase, are translated into tangible requirements that guide concept design and development. This approach allows us to identify potential safety, usability or customer satisfaction issues early in the design when they are easier and cheaper to address.

Concept development begins with user research. During the concept development phase, we:

  • Analyze the user needs
  • Generate novel ideas to address those needs
  • Get feedback on designs or prototypes from customers, end users and other stakeholders
  • Refine the product ideas based on new information
  • Select the best product design to move forward based on engineering and business requirements

This is an iterative process, involving multiple rounds of user feedback and product refinement. This approach allows us to identify potential safety, usability or customer satisfaction issues early in the design, when they are less complex and less costly to address. At the end of the process, you'll come away with clear, unambiguous recommendations and a product design ready to move forward to the next phase of development.

Our Concept Development Expertise

2D: Visual Design

  • User Interface design
  • Web, app and software design
  • Instructions for Use (IFU) design
  • Data visualization

3D: Industrial Design

  • Concept sketches
  • Physical user interface design
  • Product design and prototyping
  • Structural packaging
  • Animations
  • Surface geometry/3D Modeling
  • Visual brand language


4D: Immersive Technologies

  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
  • Simulated use environments
  • Empathic immersion
  • Scenario-based user testing
  • Generative user testing