The Thanksgiving Bandits

Last year, the notorious Thanksgiving Bandits struck for the third time. They stole over 1,000 potatoes that were meant to be mashed for the annual Thanksgiving Day feast. Two years ago, they burgled 400 pounds of cranberries, and they took 104 pumpkin pies the year before that. No one knows how they pull off such masterful heists or what they do with their score, but everyone agrees that they must be stopped at all costs.

Your department has been tasked with intercepting and deciphering their communications to determine when and where they will strike next. You've discovered that they are hiding CANs with secret messages in them inside bags of stuffing, but no one can make any sense of what they say. There are only a few days until the big celebration, and people are becoming worried!

At this point, it's all up to you to determine what the Thanksgiving Bandits are communicating so the authorities can act. Will you save Thanksgiving, or will you allow the bandits to ruin it for the fourth year in a row? People are counting on you.

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