Battelle Cyber Academy

Throw away what you thought you knew about cyber. Are you ready for the challenge of your life? Battelle’s Cyber Academy is a 10-week training program designed to provide fundamental knowledge for entry-level employees as well as specialized coursework for mid-career cyber professionals.

Courses include:

  • Reverse Engineering - Explore Reverse Engineering (RE) tools in a lab-based setting with advanced topics including binary instrumentation and concolic analysis, and more.

  • Vulnerability Research - Discover tools and methods and public domain materials covering vulnerability discovery and categorization. Students will perform evaluations of systems and devices such as web services, databases, embedded security appliances. A simulated capture-the-flag exercise concludes this course and gives students the opportunity to focus on various exploitation categories of interest to them.

  • Hardware RE - An introduction to hardware systems and embedded communications and how they factor into the RE process. Serves as a hardware overview with emphasis on how these devices communicate and how they can be analyzed. 

  • Embedded Hardware RE - Delve into advanced topics such as recovering firmware from a hardware device and subsequently performing RE on extracted firmware, then evaluate the platform for potential vulnerabilities and develop exploits against the target.  

  • Networking - Learn the importance of cryptography in a networked environment. Build a network-aware application and implement cryptographic protocols to enable secure communications. 

  • Kennel/Drivers -Learn to develop, build and modify a Linux Kennel through a series of drivers that allow the student to interact with (and interrogate) the system. 

  • Embedded Systems - Explore the details involving a system’s Boot modes/options, the process of bootstrapping and how systems moved from BIOS to U/EFI. It concludes with an overview of forensic analysis on memory and filesystems. 

  • Machine Learning - This brief course presents the concepts and resources necessary behind machine learning. It covers mathematical concepts consistent with this topic. 

  • Side Channel Analysis - Conduct a side channel attack against an Arduino board and cover the implications and purposes of this kind of hardware vulnerability.  

  • Lean Mean Software - Understanding how to build C programs for space constrained environments and other conditions.  

  • Mobile - Introduction to cellular systems, including Android and iOS. 


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Internships & Co-ops

Battelle also has paid cyber internships and coops that prepare college students for a cyber career.

  • Real assignments guaranteed to challenge you
  • Development opportunities through our executive sponsored internship program
  • Opportunity to share your work with a capstone poster presentation
  • Housing stipend
  • Mentorship from technical experts in selected area of expertise


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