Cultivating the Next Generation of Critical Thinkers

At Battelle, we believe it’s important now more than ever for our nation’s youth to be educated in critical thinking, problem solving, creative and collaborative skills and in applying scientific methods to everyday life. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing quality science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to millions of students across the U.S.

STEM Education

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) serve as the foundation on which Battelle's business is built. Our scientists and researchers rely on their STEM expertise every day to drive innovation, which drives our conviction that all young people deserve a strong education in STEM.
  • Photo of student at board with teacher looking on
    At Battelle, our STEM efforts include:
    • Battelle Education: Our nonprofit venture to help communities build STEM-focused schools.
    • STEM Grant Program: Grants awarded to integrated, standards-based information education programs.
    • College-Ready Programs: Classroom-tested approaches to raise student achievement and engagement.
    • Innovative Leaders Institute: A specialized training program for leaders of innovative schools to learn from their peers.
    • STEM Learning Networks: Connecting the best STEM schools, educators and teachers to each other so they can share best practices and maximize nationwide impact.