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    Who we are
    Yearning for More

    As a world-class science and technology organization, Battelle values teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration as a path to insight and excellence in our work. In addition, founder Gordon Battelle’s legacy lives on in our reputation as a caring employer, compassionate neighbor and conscientious community leader.

    At Battelle, we have created a culture of excellence that benefits our employees, communities and environment. This plays out not just in our daily work and our commitment to furthering science and technology, but through our volunteerism and giving.


The Elements of Continued Advancement

  • United Battelle Employees
    We do what’s right for our customers, employees, our communities, and Battelle’s future–always with safety and integrity at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Creative Lab Workers Working
    We use our diversity and curiosity to rapidly deploy science and technology solutions for the world.
  • excellence
    We are defined by a winning spirit, coaching each other to be at our best and acting with urgency to create a thriving organization.
  • collaboration
    We work together and are accountable to each other, taking personal responsibility for our customers’ and Battelle’s success.
  • creativity
    We value one another and recognize each other’s contributions.

If We Think It, We Try It

At Battelle, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have some of the brightest and most creative minds walking our hallways and working in our labs. Our employees–called “Solvers” for the solutions they provide to difficult challenges–are the glue that holds our company together and why we’re still here after 90 years.